STEM Roundtable: Inovasi atau inobasi?

STEM Roundtable is organized by National STEM Association in collaboration with UM Stem Centre, ShazInnovation Solution, Nilai University, Malaysia Robotic and Automation Society, and Apadilangit. The list of panels include:

1. Dr. Rahmat Shazi, ShazInnovation
2. Prof Dato’ Dr Mohd Jamil Maah
3. Prof. Datuk Dr. Halimaton bt Hamdan, UTM
4. En Muhamad Nurazmi, Serba Dinamik 
5. En Nadzri Hashim, COMBAT
6. Dr. Ishkandar Baharin, President of Malaysia Robotic Association
7. En Hishamuddin Mohamed, Director, Singularity Technologies
8. Dr Ruzaimi Mat Rani, Drawzania
9. Prof. Emeritus Dato Dr. Abdul Latif Ibrahim, UNISEL
10. Dr. Ahmad Razif Mohamad, MIGHT
11. Datuk Ir. Rosaline Ganendra, Minconsult

Objective : This roundtable was aimed to gather the intellects from the government, academia and industry to discuss, argue and come out with a resolution to steer the country towards STEM-competent and competitive country. 

Impact:  This STEM roundtable has managed to gather up to 100 participants on google meet with the youtube viewer still rising with 900 viewers achieved as of now. A STEM resolution will be released soon and distributed to respected authorities for reference and as a proposal to drive the STEM movement forward.